Arrangements for Children

We know that your children are the most important and precious things in your life. In times of emotional stress, you may need calm expert advice to help you make sure their needs come first.

  • Who has parental responsibility?
  • Where will they live?
  • Who will they see?
  • Can their name be changed?
  • Child support
  • Care proceedings
  • Issues with social services


An experienced solicitor will listen to you, advise and act to help you come out of this difficult period with a solution that is fair for you and any children. We approach problems in a constructive open way and aim to preserve peoples dignity and encourage agreement where possible. We are not here to start a war. We are here to sort things out.

Our solicitors are members of the Resolution Group and are committed to a constructive approach to resolving family problems as amicably as possible.


We offer all clients an initial interview for a small fixed fee. We assess all clients to see if they qualify for Legal Aid instead. If not, we will give a written estimate of likely cost, keep you informed as the case goes on and stick to our estimates.

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