Prenuptial & Living Together

Common law wives do not exist – FACT! Just living together will not necessarily give you any legal status, rights or entitlements.

  • What are your rights?
  • How can you safeguard them?
  • How effective are “prenups”?


An experienced solicitor will listen to you, advise and act to help you protect your entitlements in a way that is fair for you and any children. We approach problems in a constructive open way, and aim to preserve peoples dignity , encourage agreement, and reduce the worry that uncertanty brings – before its too late.

Our solicitors are members of the Resolution Group and are committed to a constructive approach to resolving family problems as amicably as possible.


We offer all clients an initial interview for a small fixed fee. We assess all clients to see if they qualify for Legal Aid instead. If not, we will give a written estimate of likely cost, keep you informed as the case goes on and stick to our estimates.

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