Using Equity in Your House

You may wish to consider converting some of the value of your home into cash whether to give to your family or to improve your standard of living in retirement. Before you do this you need to make sure that you select the right product for you and we can advise on the legal documentation and conveyancing processes required.


This will depend on the work required, but we will provide a first interview for £75 plus VAT to take details of what you hope to achieve, discuss the best ways of achieving this and then give you an estimate of the likely cost.

To make a fixed fee appointment either email your details to [email protected] and we will contact you the same day to fix a date, or alternatively telephone 01525 376 611 and ask to speak to Kim Welford.


1. My common law wife/husband will automatically inherit won’t she/he?

There is no such thing in law as a common law husband or wife. No one gains any financial rights just by living with another person for a given period of time. There are sometimes ways in which an equitable interest can be established that creates uncertainty, potential unpleasantness, cost and sometimes a court case, all of which can be avoided by the making of a Will.

2. Only rich people have to worry about tax.

The value of your house or your interest in it can form part of your estate so many families find themselves at risk of paying Inheritance Tax. We can advise how best to reduce that risk.

3. We are protected by our pre-nuptial/living together agreement.

Pre-nuptial agreements are still considered contrary to public policy and may not be upheld by the courts. Any agreement between cohatibtees has to conform to the requirements of contract law to be binding. Again, we can advise you on your situation and how best to protect your interests and make sure your wishes are carried out.


To obtain a quotation please email your details to us or call 01525 376 611. We will deal with your query the same day as we receive it.

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